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Looking at the number of less-than-positive posts on this forum I’m not sure I’ll get a solution to this but here goes.

Plex On Wd My Cloud

  1. WD My Cloud Home as a plex server. Posted by just now. WD My Cloud Home as a plex server. Can we PLEASE get a feature to set a default streaming quality for all (also shared) clients? I'm tired of my server transcoding streams from 1080p down to SD all the time while it's totally unnecessary. Takes up so much CPU power,.
  2. To enable Plex Media Server on the My Cloud Home, first enter the Servicesarea of the device control panel. Select the Plex service entry and then Enableit. Once Plex Media Server is installed and running, use the Configurebutton to launch Plex Web App and take you through the initial setup. Related Page: Opening Plex Web App.
  3. Jan 22, 2021 I know other people have had this issue, but so far, I haven’t seen an answer. On my cloud home, my Plex libraries were blank. I know now that I should have gone into to fix them; however, my current problem is this. I disabled plex in my cloud home. Then I enabled it again, but it won’t configure. I hit the configure button and it just says “This page isn’t working: prod.

Dec 10, 2020 Server Version#: Player Version#: I installed Plex Media Server on 2TB My Cloud Home. I was having some issues so I disabled Plex via the My Cloud Home app. Now, even when my laptop is connected directly to the router, I am unable to “configure” the Plex Media Server from the My Cloud Home app. I keep getting the following error: This page isn’t working prod. WD My Cloud Ex2 Plex – Best Budget NAS for Plex WD is a famous brand when it comes to producing quality network attached storages. Their Cloud Ex2 NAS for Plex that can accommodate two 3.5in hard disks is cheaper than some of the good NAS for Plex. You can buy it both with or without hard disks.

Plex Wd My Cloud Home Desktop App Download

Plex wd my cloud home

I got a WD My Cloud Home with the intention of having an easy to access network drive to store some of my big files and media and stuff on to free up some space on my laptop, thinking it would be convenient to be able to just plug it into my router and access it over the WiFi, as I have a good WiFi network here. Wow do I wish I’d researched this further before buying it. It turns out this thing goes out of it’s way to make things difficult and restrict how you can use it. Anyway that aside…

Main issue I’m currently having is with setting up a PLEX server. I’ve enabled the service and the PLEX folders have appeared on the drive. I’m mainly using this to run my music library. However there seems to be a lot of issues with how this is working.

Firstly, PLEX is struggling to read the metadata from my files. I have all of my tracks tagged correctly and with embedded album art, that seems to be perfectly readable in other applications such as MediaMonkey. However PLEX just gives me a bunch of lovely blank coverless albums. (Yes I’ve tried messing with the metadata agents and all that).

That’s ok though I thought, I can go to the edit metadata button and the album art is actually there under ‘posters’, it just hasn’t been enabled. So I can manually set it up. Quite time consuming though as I have a big collection of music.

Using Plex On Wd My Cloud Home

Ok, so I tried this on a (fortunately small) subset of my music and had it set up on PLEX with correct metadata. However it turns out that if for any reason the My Cloud Home device is restarted, all the metadata in PLEX gets reset? So there goes all my album art again, as well as any changes I’d made to the other artist backgrounds and posters and some organisational fixes. Surely this can’t be intended behaviour? Where are all my edits going?

Is there a solution for any of this? Ideally I don’t want to manually have to set up all my album art on PLEX anyway, but I’m certainly not going to do it for thousands of albums if there’s a risk all of it’s just going to be erased if there’s a power cut and the My Cloud Home restarts and removes all my hard work. So if there’s no fix for that then PLEX is out the window.

I’ve had this thing for a week and I feel like I’m banging my head off a wall now. Honestly, if I hadn’t already unsealed the packaging and used the thing for a few days I’d be returning this, unfortunately that’s not an option now so I’m stuck trying to salvage some kind of usefulness out of this thing. Hopefully someone can give me some good news or maybe some suggestions of ways to actually get some kind of benefit from this device…