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Recently while browsing Tomsguide, I came across an article claiming that using a VPN provider on Android phones, you can spoof your GPS location in Pokemon Go. Considering Pokemon Go is tightly controlled and most known techniques have not worked in years, I thought I would investigate.

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Surfshark is also known for its knowledgeable customer support and offers great value for the price. ExpressVPN: our experts’ best choice of VPN for Pokemon Go! NordVPN: good VPN for Pokemon Go to protect your online gaming! Surfshark: great VPN to safely play Pokemon Go everywhere! CyberGhost VPN: a no-log VPN for Pokemon Go! PIA: an outstanding VPN for Pokemon Go with the servers in 30+ countries! Have you ever wondered how to get to level 40 the fastest in pokemon go? Are you still struggling to rank up fast for the xp? Today we will cover: - Complete. This GPS hack for Pokemon Go means you can hunt and battle in New York City’s Central Park, for example, from anywhere in the world. Pokemon Go VPN cheat using a GPS Hack. If you’re dead set on playing Pokemon Go but live in a barren region, you will need three things: a GPS spoofing app, a mock locations masking module, and a VPN. Actually what surfshark does is spoof your location to be the location of the VPN server you're connected to, but because of the Location Error 12 and the fact it doesn't let you tweek the set position makes it useless for Spoofing in Pokemon Go.

I still play Pokemon Go, but the thought of being able to use a VPN to spoof my location and potentially catch some location-specific Pokemon, it was too tempting to not try.


The article in question is here, titled How to spoof your location for Pokémon GO on Android.

Pokemon Go Surfshark Evolution

The crux of the article is that by installing the application, enabling developer settings and then choosing SurfShark as being able to mock your GPS location miraculously gets you into other countries. On my Galaxy Note 10+, it didn’t work.

I received an error in the game, “12: Failed to Detect Location” — it doesn’t take a genius to tell you that using SurfShark clearly does not work. Fortunately, I only used the trial and cancelled as soon as I realised this would not work.

Pokemon Go Surfshark App

It looks to me like Tomsguide is engaging in trickery to get people to click their SurfShark referral link. I manually looked up the app myself and didn’t click on their link. I won’t reward dishonesty.