A Jumpstart

, Designer. You can find me at the local cafe reading, drinking a latte.

Ever get into your car only to find out the battery is dead?

At that point, what do you need? Yup. A jump.

You can listen to this post here 🔊

Lemme help jumpstart that thing you want to do or started and stopped doing.

An idea, a product, a project or business. Get back to it.

This is a quick list – for long form, hit me: www.calendly.com/ejordanill

Aight so.

Failure to begin or to be consistent is usually from 2 factors. Fear and priority.

Fight fear with action. Meaning, just do a lil bit of the thing. Example: Started a clothing line, then stopped? Every day do just a lil something to aid in your progress like, sketch an idea, find a new store to connect with, develop your online store using Big Cartel or Shopify. Don’t get stagnant, that standing still compounds and adds/transforms into fear. The productivity, even at the tiniest bit, adds to confidence and progress equalling consistency.

Priority. Make progress a priority. That work on your idea will continue to add and open doors to help you receive results within your idea. That’s clutch.

Remember when self doubts strikes: Ask “Why not me?”

So. What? Someone on IG is doing the thing you want to do but they are doing it much better than you and you got a busy schedule and it hasn’t worked the way you wanted?

What happens next?

We are measured by how we react to life’s situations.

What you gon do?

Say “why not me?” If they are shining, ask yourself why can’t you shine too. You can. Shine on.

With just a lil work within your idea, you get closer to even more wins.

Start or restart your thing. If this note got you hype, do some of that thing RIGHT NOW. And then do it again and again.

I hope you received this jumpstart with enthusiasm and good vibes.

You got this. A toast to your upcoming wins! 🥂

Happy Hustling.

Want more: Peep my book. Not enough, check the course.