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, Designer. You can find me at the local cafe reading, drinking a latte.

I’ll help you get that idea up and running, quick fast.

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Elevator pitch: Yo, I’ve been designing stores and sites on WordPress, Big Cartel, Squarespace and all lat. They all work well. But lemme tell you, the easiest and fastest (plus beautiful & reliable) sites I’ve made have been made with Shopify. 

For what? Show up. Show off and show out possibly with a profit at the end of the day with a logo and website that you make yourself!

Why: Regret and Freedom. You can catch me at the cafe or the dinner party, at either one the convo usually moves into why aren’t you working on what can make you happier, move you away from the regret of not doing that project you always wanted to try and give more freedom at the end of the day? I love to help people start or restart that idea they have by teaching how to design a logo and a website that showcases their brand / product or service. 

A lil extra sauce:

“It’s aight to have a boss but it’s tight to be your boss.”

I took the rewarding risk to work for myself in 2015. I’ve worked with amazing people and companies. I’d like to help you design your logo and website to be to setup shop in just one day with minimal, easy to use tools.

But how Sway?

With an iPhone, and Shopify. (I’ll lace you with the accountability, apps, help and strategy to get you started or restarted proper)

I’ll show you how to design a nice simple logo that embodies trust and character, representing you, your brand or your product.

Is this for me tho?

Well, yea, maybe.

• Have an idea but have you slowed on your progress

• Have an idea but just haven’t started because, life

• Know what project you’d like to start but don’t know where to start

• Want to add an additional stream of income on the side

• Ready to start lessening the dependency of a boss

• Wanna finally design your logo and website and show it off

• You want a nice easy way to sell your product or service to customers

If you answered yes, this is for you!


Arianne Edmonds knew what she wanted to do. She knew mostly what she needed to do but still needed that push. She needed an accountability partner, a few specific resources, a logo, site design and a plan. I gave her all that. Now Arianne successfully runs ACE agency with the California African American Art Museum as one of her clients.

Whitney Alix had her brand Rebel Citizen, her pieces were limited to very small special runs until I aligned her with necessary apps and tools. Now Whitney has increased her product offering and how fast she can send new products to her customer base.

Maya Nicole (yes she’s my wife but check it out) took her idea and made it into a business completely by herself by designing her logo, packaging and website for her artisanal organic body butter soufflé’s and started sponsoring events and selling her product.

What you’ll get:

• Resource app list

• Me as an accountability partner

• Tons of motivation and positive energy

• Recommended books and readings


• Strategy on how to maneuver your project 

• Video text files and templates

• Worksheets

• Free Water

I’ll show you how to do this!

Me, I’m Eric. I design peaceful, positive products and experiences for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I’ve designed all of my sites and logos myself for projects I developed like Start Water and Onedegree and many more for clients like Nike, TDE, Paul Oakenfold and Baron Davis. I write about how to design and start or restart your business in my book and newsletter: Fire Your Designer.

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