Hit publish not snooze

, Designer. You can find me at the local cafe reading, drinking a latte.

I had a meeting with a new client.

Our meeting was a bit more intense than I expected in some ways. I was asked the pros and cons of working with them, their process and what could be improved overall.

We talked strategy, of course, we talked music, specifically rap, the law of attraction and psychology among other things.

When I was asked what I thought of their process, my constructive criticism was: their back office was great. They make sheets, docs, excels, they go in on Slack, their organization and positivity is on 100. On the other side of that coin, I mentioned, that very organization I think gets in their way of simply quickly jumping in testing an idea and revising that idea while its out offered to the world.

I supported my argument with a highlight from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, a book I’m rereading by Harv Eckler.

Although poor people claim to be preparing for an opportunity, what they’re usually doing is stalling. They’re scared to death, hemming, and hawing for weeks, months, and even years on end, and by then the opportunity usually disappears. Then they rationalize the situation by saying, “I was getting ready.” Sure enough, but while they were “getting ready,” the rich guy got in, got out, and made another fortune.

Now clearly, I am not calling the client poor. I referenced this to illustrate the importance of fast decision making.

Planning is a magnificent attribute… in moderation. Planning is good but it is not to get in the way of launching a product. They say if your not embarrassed by your product launch as you look back at it, you waited too long to go live.

Do you remember what Google looked like when it came out?

Launch, revise, repeat right?Today, Google is out here shinning, the homepage is beautiful and they have expanded to all sorts of products.

Sometimes, jumping into an idea, testing, researching, fixing and relaunching can be more effective than the “perfectly planned” yet stalled launch.

Jump in. Go Live. Happy Hustling!