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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced the release of Raspberry Pi Imager 1.6, its installation media writer. Imager retains its very simple interface in this update but an advanced settings menu has been included if you know the key combination to access it. To open the advanced settings, use the Ctrl-Shift-X combo and you’ll have access to the additional settings.

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According to Gordon Hollingworth, Director of Software Engineering at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Imager was designed to be as easy to use as possible and to reduce the number of items you interact with. After some pressure from the community to add more advanced settings, Hollingworth decided to add a hidden advanced settings menu that gives the user more flexibility when creating installation media.

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Raspberry Nordvpn

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Once you’re in the advanced menu, you can choose to apply settings for this session or for all future sessions. The options include pre-configuring Wi-Fi and locale settings, enabling SSH, setting a custom hostname, and disabling telemetry.

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If you’d like to download the new version for Raspberry Pi Imager, head over to the software’s download page – it’s available on all the popular platforms. If you already have Imager installed, just pop it open and you should receive a notification explaining that a new update is available and you’ll be able to install it.