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The Autonomous Vehicle branch of DMV oversees and regulates autonomous vehicle testing and deployment on California roads.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing

We developed the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program in 2014 to allow manufacturers to test autonomous vehicles with a human in the driver seat. In 2018, we established the Autonomous Vehicle Driverless Tester Program for manufacturers to test their technology without a driver. Learn more about the programs, regulations, and applying for a permit.

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Learn more about the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program
Learn more about the Automated online application process
Learn more about the Autonomous Vehicle Driverless Tester Program
See the list of permit holders

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Deploying Autonomous Vehicles

The Autonomous Vehicle Deployment Program establishes the requirements and regulations for manufacturers to meet before they can deploy autonomous vehicles on California’s public roads.


Autonomous Vehicle Regulations

Since we started considering the implications of autonomous vehicle technology on California roads in 2013, we’ve worked to develop regulations for testing and deployment, held public hearings and workshops, and hit key milestones.

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Disengagement Reports

Every year, permit holders in the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program and Autonomous Vehicle Driverless Tester Program must track and report the number of times their vehicles needed to disengage from autonomous mode during tests.


Collision Reports

Manufacturers testing autonomous vehicles need to report every collision involving one of their vehicles that results in property damage, bodily injury, or death.


Report Outline

Key definitions relating to autonomous vehicles in California.


The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has created these documents to guide autonomous vehicle development and deployment in the United States:

News Bulletins

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See news bulletins relating to autonomous vehicles.


We value your feedback regarding your experience with autonomous vehicles operating on California public roads. Submit your feedback to the AV Feedback Form.
Please do not include any sensitive personal information such as social security number, driver license number, or financial account number.

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Occupational Licensing

Learn more about occupational licensing and find helpful resources.

Vehicle Industry Services

Learn more about vehicle industry services provided by DMV, including motor carrier services, autonomous vehicle regulations and testing, and the Business Partner Automation (BPA) program.

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