Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline

What is the visual analysis essay?

“As the name of the essay type speaks for itself visual analysis essays includes explanation of the visual features of an object, art piece to reach a conclusion. A critical analysis is made on the outer morphological appearance of the objects, monuments, paintings, etc. and then remarks are given on them.” The main objective of writing a visual analysis essay is to break the different elements which are projected by visual components of any subject.

Visual analysis essays are a common part of literature and history courses that are given to the graduates by professors. The purpose behind assigning these essays is to make students proficient in studying historical monuments or artwork like paintings etc. Writing a visual analysis essay always starts with preparing its outline. But those who write such essays for the first time then they should seek for visual analysis essay writing tips from proficient essay writers. By reading this article, you will be able to prepare the superior outline of your essay on history, English literature, and any other subject by reading these ideas of essay outline.

  • King’s speech is an example of a rhetorical situation that is much bigger than its initial text and audience. Not many rhetorical situations are as far reaching in scope as Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The following example of a research paper may be more identifiable to students reading this resource.
  • Outline for Rhetorical Analysis A rhetorical analysis essay follows the framework of a conventional composition. This means it should have an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It also has a summary of the argument and strengths and weaknesses of the discussions.

Apart from conducting strong analysis, a rhetorical analysis essay depends on how perfectly the essay outline is drafted. An outline organizes the raw information and makes it understandable for the readers. It is the reason because of which a system is given to the essay. Moreover, an outline works as a checklist for your essay. An outline of an essay is as important as a backbone to the human body. An outline provides a structure to the content making it readable and understandable for the readers. A rhetorical analysis essay uses the traditional essay outline to arrange its content.

For example, while writing a visual analysis essay on an art painting it is important to understand the socio-economic situations of the time when it is prepared. Then you need to understand the glimpses of these situations in the painting through different ways of critical analysis. Likewise, we can also write the visual analysis essay on a monument by explaining its features and how they correspond to age. The critical analysis of the cinematography of certain Hollywood movies is also sometimes given for the visual analysis essay to college students.

How to write a visual analysis essay?

The six steps of Writing Visual analysis are:

Step 1: Describe the subject

Before beginning to write a visual analysis essay, it is very much essential for you to develop an understanding of the artwork. At the initial step of writing a visual essay, you need to closely analyze the mood, character, and features of a specific object. By closely analyzing the object you will be able to generate thoughts. You should note down all the thoughts. After noting down all the thoughts you need to now concentrate much on artwork. After analyzing the object, you should start writing a visual essay by describing the visual components of the topic. It is the tactics that will help you in providing the reader with an idea about what you are going to portray.

Step 2: Respond to the subject


It means drawing a reaction. At the time of writing the visual essay, you should describe your reaction when you look at a particular thing. For example, if you are writing a visual on Red Fort, then you should describe the feature of it. At the time of responding to the subject, you should answer to following questions such as: What was the purpose of the artist behind portraying Red fort?

Step 3: Closely analyze the artwork

You should provide information about the finer aspects of artwork like is background, color, composition, textures, etc. It is the tactic that will help you in filling missing gaps.

Step 4. Develop a thesis

After closely analyzing the artwork, you need to write a thesis statement for your visual essay. At the time of writing the thesis statement, you need to consider the purpose and subjects of the visual analysis essay. After writing the thesis statement, it is very much essential for you to ensure that the thesis statement which you wrote represents your main idea.

Step 5: Prepare an outline and write a visual analysis essay

After writing the thesis statement, you should begin writing an introduction for your visual analysis essay. It is very much essential for you to write a good introduction to a visual analysis essay. While writing the introduction section, you need to ensure that this is a specific section that will enable you to make the reader understand your intention of writing a visual analysis essay. Below is the outline of the visual analysis essay

(a) Introduction


The essay introduction of a visual analysis essay should educate the reader about the subject on which the essay is being written.

For example, if you are writing a picture analysis essay then the background of the picture must be clear to the readers. The artist who prepared the picture, what were the situations of society when the picture was prepared and the author’s main objective.

Also, you have to describe your stance in the essay writing that what you are going to make out of the given picture or painting for that matter. Writing to the short or too long introduction of a visual analysis essay is always harmful and that is why it should be in a balanced word count. The element of interest must not be missing from the essay introduction and the essay hook plays a significant role in it. You can also start an essay with popular quotations in the form of an essay hook for as it will help you in enhancing the quality of your essay.

(b) The main body of a visual analysis essay

You can create the outline of the main body by having a rough idea about the arguments of the essay. It can be done when you are sure about the points that are going to form a part of your essay.

For example, if you are writing your essay by analyzing the Gothic architecture of the ancient period of Europe then your main body should include the reasons for which this architecture is developed.

How the cause of feudalism leads to Gothic art and its effect on society. One can also look at the subject diversely by comparing the literary work. Then reasons about these arguments should also be prepared at a glance in the outline.

(c) Conclusion

A conclusion consists of the main points from the thesis statement and main essay. Here the writer needs to set coordination between the that the thesis is justified through the essay.

Step 6: Organize your analysis

Students have several options that they can utilize for organizing their visual analysis essay. The selection of options for the organization of an essay is completely dependent on particular situations. Some of the options which you can use for organizing thoughts in a visual analysis essay are:

  • Spatial: This structure of the visual essay follows the way the eyes follow the visual text.
  • Elements: Each body paragraph in the visual essay mainly concentrates on an element of the text that is images and colors.
  • Rhetorical appeals: You can categories the different section of an essay in three appeals these are

Example of how to write a visual analysis essay of a Political cartoon

The cartoonist is considered to be as people those who utilize visual for sending their messages. At the time of evaluating Political cartoon, you are required to assess the following points:

  • You can utilize Symbols for demonstrating the main point. It is your responsibility to represents what the artist intends to convey.
  • The writer is required to write an additional statement when they are mainly concentrating on specific characteristics of the object.
  • You are also required to do labeling to make sure that all points are clearly stated.
  • Writers can utilize an analogy for making a comparison between the complex issue to provide the public with a clear explanation about observations.
  • You can utilize Irony for explaining the different aspects of the subject.

Once you have assessed all these points then you are required to determine the issue and opinions of cartoonists.

Free example of visual analysis essay outline for picture analysis essay to graduates

A sample of picture analysis essay on the Mona Lisa painting has been given by our experts. Professionals have prepared an outline of the essay by doing a lot of research on the topic.

Thesis statement

There are paintings that are more beautiful than the painting of Mona Lisa prepared by Leonardo the Vinci. But as it is appreciated and owned by the royal kings it is catching the interest of every eye.


  • Who prepared the Mona Lisa paintings and its patronization by the government?
  • Reasons for which the Mona Lisa paintings become popular amongst the people and get the tag of one of the highly valuable paintings in the world.
  • What glimpses do we get on studying Mona Lisa painting on a morphological level without knowing the idea behind its preparation?
  • Main goals to analyze in the painting.
  • What are the ways by which the painting will be subject for analysis on a critical basis?

Main body

  1. Types of colors that are used in the preparation of Mona Lisa painting and how they enhance its popularity?
  2. What other paintings of the age deserve more appreciations than the Mona Lisa?
  3. How the paintings describe the socio-economic state of the period along with the lifestyle of upper-class women in renaissance period?
  4. The glimpses of the renaissance period in which the cultural variety is seen among the people by analyzing the painting of Mona Lisa.
  5. impact on the popularity of the painting mentioned here when they are owned by the royal kind of France and others.
  6. Is the art behind creating the smile of Mona Lisa is unique to the paintings of Leonardo the Vince only?
  7. What role does symbolism play in the Mona Lisa’s painting like a smile, color of dress and eyes?


  • Explanations why Mona Lisa becomes popular through the example of its eyes, smile, and combination of the dress.
  • How others paintings of the contemporaries of Leonardo the Vinci were also beautiful like Mona Lisa?
  • The shadow of royals on Mona Lisa which makes it an overrated painting of the period.

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If you are finding the conclusion of your rhetorical analysis difficult to write, you should use a rhetorical analysis conclusion example as your writing guide. Rhetorical analysis conclusion is the paragraph that sums up the argument of the analysis while expressing the importance of the techniques and patterns that you found in the work that you were analyzing. A good conclusion does more than simply summarizing and repeating the analysis. It shows the point of specific techniques that the speaker or the author used in the work. If how the rhetorical work realized a specific effect has been explained in the body of a rhetorical analysis, the conclusion should articulate why the speaker or the writer chose the used technique and the effect that it has enabled him/her to accomplish- classroom.synonym.com.

Essence of using a rhetorical analysis conclusion example

Conclusions are usually the hardest part to write for most students. Using a good sample conclusion when writing a conclusion of your rhetorical analysis is very important because it gives you an idea of how a good conclusion should look like. It enables you to understand what exactly a good conclusion should accomplish. Basically, when writing a rhetorical analysis, you must ensure that apart from summing up what you said in the body, your conclusion answers the “so what?” question. It must show readers that everything that you wrote in the body had a specific purpose. A good rhetorical analysis conclusion sample acts as a final punch for the analysis.

Attributes of a good rhetorical analysis conclusion example

A good example of a rhetorical analysis conclusion should indicate the application of the analysis argument at a higher level. It should show readers why the argument is important and what it means to the broad, real world perspective- writingcenter.tamu.edu/Students.


Basically, a good example of a rhetorical analysis conclusion does the following:

Rhetorical analysis essay template

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline Example

  • It restates thesis statement

This does not imply repeating the thesis that you stated in the introduction word-for-word. It simply means paraphrasing or rephrasing the statement using different terminologies while passing the same information. While restating thesis statement, a good sample should analyze how the creator of the original work brings out the purpose of his/her work. It should also ensure that audiences understand more about the restated thesis statement.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example

  • It restates the main ideas of the analysis

While stating the main ideas of the analysis, a good sample conclusion of a rhetorical analysis explains how they supported the stated thesis as well as their importance. The conclusion sample does this in a brief manner because the writer has been supporting the thesis statement in the body of the analysis.

Visual Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline

  • It specifies whether there is a need for further research

If there is a need for further research to enhance comprehension or knowledge of the topic that the creator of the original work touched, a good sample of a rhetorical analysis will specify. The conclusion also indicates what the research should entail as well as how this would help. It also indicates the essence of the subject or topic and why it would be important to continue conducting research on it.

Examples of rhetorical analysis conclusion

Example 1

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline Purdue Owl

“This biography lacks some details because the author covers Newton’s life pertinent details ranging from the troubled childhood that he had to endure all the way to his youth when he became a mediocre student and eventually a failed farmer as well as how he developed principia. Finally, the author presents him as the Royal Society’s president before his death. The exposition is written properly in a succinct and detailed manner. However, it covers the pertinent details of the life of Newton only using a creative style. Nevertheless, to understand Newton’s life better, there is a need for further research in other journals.”

Note that this rhetorical analysis conclusion example starts by summarizing the work that has been analyzed in the body. This includes explaining how the author presents information to the readers and what the work covers. The conclusion also shows how the author accomplishes the goal or achieves the purpose of the analyzed work which is to present the details of the life of Newton. The author concludes by indicating that the work is inconclusive and therefore further research is required to understand the life of Newton.

Example 2

“Perhaps, the most important thing to note is not the functions that the techniques that Roiphe uses perform but how she uses them. For instance, if she had started by stating early in the work that she considers women as “female chauvinists” without first including a contrast, this would have had a completely different effect. This would have undoubtedly offended her readers especially women. Such an approach would have made her work less convincing. It is apparent that Roiphe used this technique purposely and in a prior-planned manner. This enabled her to come up with a special essay that enabled her to present ideas in a spectacular way”- sucomm.iastate.edu.

This sample conclusion of a rhetorical analysis summarizes the rhetorical analysis and the technique that the author uses. It paraphrases the thesis statement while showing the impact that the technique that the author uses has on the audience which is making her work more convincing. The writer notes that the technique is used purposely to present ideas in a more special way.

Example 3


“By using rhetorical tools effectively and arranging the essay in a careful way, Solove succeeds in persuading his audience that a nothing-to-hide argument is one-sided and narrow way of getting privacy. Solove employs his expertise in rhetoric art by focusing the introduction of the essay on appealing to the intended audience ethically. Through the effective management of rhetorical distance between the audience and himself, he establishes a relationship and authority without seeming superior. He establishes credibility while portraying scholarly credit via quotations and literature citations from the privacy experts.

He follows this with a focus on logical appeal to his audience in the body of the essay. Through the display of deductive reasoning’s weaknesses of nothing-to-hide argument, he builds an inductive argument. Additionally, Solove presents two analogies to the audience and this enables them to come up with their own logical conclusions. While trying to make a strong impression, Solove reserved emotional appeals while writing the body only to include them in the conclusion. By using emotional and dramatic language, Solove appeals to the imagination and sympathies of the audience while reminding them that there is nothing that nothing-to-hide argument has to say”-uwec.edu.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline

This rhetorical analysis conclusion example shows the technique that the author of the original work uses which is to arrange the essay in a careful way. It restate thesis statement (by using rhetorical tools effectively and arranging the essay in a careful way, Solove succeeds in persuading his audience that a nothing-to-hide argument is one-sided, narrow way of getting privacy) while showing how effective the technique is because it enables him to establish relationship and authority without seeming superior. The conclusion sample shows that this technique also enables the author to establish credibility and build an inductive argument by displaying the weaknesses of nothing-to-hide argument. Thus, the conclusion shows that the author of the original work was effective and successful by using the technique.

Using rhetorical analysis conclusion sample to write your own conclusion

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline Template

As you can see from these samples, a rhetorical analysis conclusion is not very different from the conclusion of other essays. It simply paraphrases the thesis statement while explaining the main idea which could be the technique that the creator of the original work uses. In some cases, conclusion of a rhetorical analysis can suggest further research- owl.english.purdue.edu.

When using a rhetorical analysis conclusion example as a guide for writing your own conclusion:

  • Consider how the larger or main point of the analysis is presented in the sample conclusion.
  • Consider how the sample conclusion dissects or summarizes the argument of the analysis.
  • Consider what the sample conclusion says about the success or failure of the technique or techniques that the creator of the original work uses.
  • How the conclusion sample assesses rhetoric such as how the used technique influences or impacts on the intended audience.
  • Consider how the sample conclusion suggests further research on the subject.

These are the most important aspects of a rhetorical analysis conclusion that you should master how to write or present while writing your own conclusion. Most professors look out for these aspects of a conclusion while marking rhetorical analysis essays.

Get help in writing a rhetorical analysis

If you encounter difficulties while writing a rhetorical analysis, contact us for instant assistance. You can also visit the home page of our website for more information about our writing services. Alternatively, continue reading for guidelines on how to write rhetorical analysis conclusion and rhetorical analysis conclusion example on this blog.


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