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RimWorld is a strategy game where every single detail must be accounted for to ensure the survival of the player. Food and medicine, for example, must be kept safe and stored away for whenever a player might need it.

However, RimWorld does not have an existing refrigerator item to keep things like food and meds from spoiling. But that doesn't mean there isn't a way to keep your food fresh. You just need to get a bit inventive with the tools at your disposal.

The medium used to grow the plants in matters for both for growth speed and if growing a plant. There’s a mod for growing trees indoors, there’s a mod for growing trees in Hydro’ basins, or you could simply grow bamboo in Hydro’ basins (I think that is vanilla) bamboo has.

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Building a Makeshift Refrigerator in RimWorld

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While you may not be able to find or build a fridge, coolers work perfectly as a substitute. To use coolers as a makeshift refrigerator, first you'll need to create a room for all the food and medical supplies that you need to keep from spoiling. The coolers you want to use can then be found under the 'Temperature' tab.

Once you have selected the coolers, line them along the room so that the blue side of the machine is facing inside the room. This ensures that cold air is getting inside and hot air is being vented to a different area.

The most important detail of making a fridge in RimWorld is setting the temperature of the coolers themselves. It is not enough to just fill the room with cold air to keep food fresh. Instead, click on each individual cooler and adjust the temperature so that the food will either be chilled or frozen. It is recommended to keep food around 2 degrees Celsius (2C) so it stays fresh. 0C and lower will freeze any food that you have.

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  • Remember: Cooled foods take longer to perish, but frozen foods can last forever. Keep this in mind when trying to determine how long you are trying to keep food for. And also remember that the colder food is, the longer it will take to heat up in an unforeseen circumstance.

There you have it! Now you've got yourself a makeshift refrigerator so that you can keep your foods and medicines from spoiling too quickly.

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