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ParadigmObject-oriented, imperative, functional, procedural, reflective
Designed byJonathan Bennett
DeveloperAutoIt Consulting Ltd.
First appearedJanuary 1999; 22 years ago
Stable release
Preview release Beta / May 16, 2020; 11 months ago[2]
PlatformIA-32 and x64
OSWindows XP SP3 and later
Windows Server 2003 and later
Filename extensions.au3
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AutoIt/ɔːtɪt/[3] is a freewareprogramming language for Microsoft Windows. In its earliest release, it was primarily intended to create automation scripts (sometimes called macros) for Microsoft Windows programs[4] but has since grown to include enhancements in both programming language design and overall functionality.

The scripting language in AutoIt 1 and 2 was statement-driven and designed primarily for simulating user interaction. From version 3 onward, the AutoIt syntax is similar to that found in the BASIC family of languages. In this form, AutoIt is a general-purpose, third-generation programming language with a classical data model and a variant data type that can store several types of data, including arrays.

An AutoIt automation script can be converted into a compressed, stand-alone executable which can be run on computers even if they do not have the AutoIt interpreter installed. A wide range of function libraries (known as UDFs, or 'User Defined Functions')[5] are also included as standard or are available from the website to add specialized functionality. AutoIt is also distributed with an IDE based on the free SciTE editor. The compiler and help text are fully integrated and provide a de facto standard environment for developers using AutoIt.

完善“SciTE交互示例.ahk”的运行与说明。 2016.02.16. 解决输入法在中文状态下导致“智能tab”工作不正常的问题。 2016.02.12. 字体增大。 自带4本中文帮助。 解决ahk升级时中文帮助总会被覆盖的问题。 2014.10.20. 跟随原版scite4ahk更新至3.0.06.01 内部版本号19; 2014.10.14. Keep IT up and running with Systems Management Bundle. Force application glitches out of hiding with our Systems Management Bundle, and discover the issues lurking behind the application stack. A free editor for AutoHotkey scripts that offers syntax highlighting, AutoComplete, IntelliSense, code folding, and other features. Screenshots: The main window Tool MsgBox Creator SpashImage Maker GenDocs Scriptlet Utility Available downloads: Installer - It automatically downloads and installs SciTE4AutoHotkey v2. I installed SCITE4Autohotkey under autohotkey last version everything work ok, but I cannot activate the debugger. When I set the bullet stop near line no (and press debug mode). The code is not stopped on F5 or RUN. Follow asked Jan 5 '13 at 8:47.

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AU3 File Format Icon
  • Scripting language with BASIC-like structure for Windows
  • Compiling into standalone executables
  • Add-on libraries and modules for specific apps
  • Supports TCP and UDP protocols
  • Supports component object model (COM)
  • Call functions in DLL files
  • Run console apps and access the standard streams
  • Include data files in the compiled file to be extracted when running
  • Create graphical user interfaces, including message and input boxes
  • Play sounds, pause, resume, stop, seek, get the current position of the sound and get the length of the sound
  • Simulate mouse movements
  • Manipulate windows and processes
  • Automate sending user input and keystrokes to apps, as well as to individual controls within an app
  • Unicode support from version
  • 64-bit code support from version
  • Supports regular expressions
  • Compatible with User Account Control
  • Object-oriented design through a library[6]


AutoIt is typically used to produce utility software for Microsoft Windows and to automate routine tasks, such as systems management, monitoring, maintenance, or software installation. It is also used to simulate user interaction, whereby an application is 'driven' (via automated form entry, keypresses, mouse clicks, and so on) to do things by an AutoIt script.

AutoIt can also be used in low-cost laboratory automation. Applications include instrument synchronisation, alarm monitoring and results gathering. Devices such as CNC routers and 3D-printers can also be controlled.[7]


Hello world[edit]

Automating the Windows Calculator[edit]

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  • January 1999 - First AutoIt Version (1.0)
  • August 1999 - AutoIt v2 and AutoItX
  • September 1999 - First AutoIt version with Compiler
  • December 2002 - AutoIt v3 (Public Beta)
  • February 2004 - AutoIt v3 (Stable)
  • September 2006 - Auto3Lib started
  • November 2007 - AutoIt v3.2.10.0 released, Auto3Lib incorporated into AutoIt v3
  • May 2008 - AutoIt v3.2.12.0 released, incorporating added GUI functionality
  • December 2008 - AutoIt (and AutoItX) v3.3.0.0 released
  • December 2009 - AutoIt v3.3.2.0 released
  • January 2010 - AutoIt v3.3.4.0 released
  • March 2010 - AutoIt v3.3.6.0 released
  • April 2010 - AutoIt v3.3.6.1 released
  • December 2011 - AutoIt v3.3.8.0 released
  • January 2012 - AutoIt v3.3.8.1 released
  • December 2013 - AutoIt v3.3.10.0 released
  • June 2014 - AutoIt v3.3.12.0 released
  • July 2015 - AutoIt v3.3.14.0 and v3.3.14.1 released
  • September 2015 - AutoIt v3.3.14.2 released[8]
  • February 2018 - AutoIt v3.3.14.3 released [9]
  • March 2018 - AutoIt v3.3.14.5 released [10]
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The developers of AutoIt originally released the source code under the GNU General Public License (GPL),[11][12] but the practice was discontinued beginning with version 3.2.0 in August 2006.[citation needed] Following the terms of the GPL, some of the code from version 3.1 was used to create a fork by the AutoHotkey project,[13] where the community is continuing to develop and release the code under the GPL.


See also[edit]

  • Automator (for Macintosh)
  • Keyboard Maestro (for Macintosh)


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