Screen Mirroring Ipad To Lg Tv

Jul 09, 2020 Indirect screen mirroring: This can be done from an iPhone/iPad to an Apple TV or Chromecast device, which in turn passes the mirrored content to an LG TV via an HDMI connection. To use an iPhone with Chromecast, the iPhone needs to be running iOS 6 or higher.

  • Make sure that your devices are on and nearby. Check that your AirPlay-compatible devices are on.
  • Swipe-up to show control center and choose Airplay/Screen Mirroring then tap the name of your PC again. Once your iPhone has been mirrored to your PC, connect it now to your LG TV by using an HDMI cable. Your iPhone is now mirrored to your LG TV. LetsView is one innovative tool that can mirror any device on a much bigger screen.
  • Once all your devices are connected to the same network, follow these steps to mirror your iPad screen to your Samsung smart TV: 1) via the App Store (a $ 4.99 value). 2) Run the application from your. 3) Wait for your Samsung smart TV to appear in the list of available TVs and then tap on it: 4) Your Samsung TV will ask if you want your device to connect.
  • On your iPad, swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to bring up the control centre. Tap the 'Airplay' button on the screen. You should now see a list of compatible devices. Find the tab that represents your TV and tap it. Your screen should now wirelessly mirror instantly.

Two Workable Means for Screen Mirroring iPhone to LG TV


Cross-platform screen mirroring has already been integrated into mobile operations. In order to get more enjoyment from a larger screen, including screen mirroring iPhone to LG TV, iPhone users also stream iPhone to PC or other Android devices. Another recommended app that you can use is called ApowerMirror. Which is by far one of the most trusted screen mirroring software for both iOS and Android devices. To use the app is very easy, here is the detailed way to mirror iPhone to LG TV.

  • You can install this program on your phone and PC.
  • Get a “HDMI” cable to connect your TV to your PC. Now set your TV source in “HDMI”.
  • This time start mirroring your phone to your PC by clicking the blue “M” button and tap “phone screen mirroring”.
  • This time, swipe up to your control panel and tap “Screen mirroring” and finally tap the name of your TV. From there your phone will be mirrored on your TV.


Next up, we got LetsView. If you are looking for a simple and easy to use interface to mirror your LG phone to your TV, this is one good app that you can consider. It is one of the most recommended tools because not only it can mirror your phone, it can also screen record, screen capture and annotate. These features are genuinely free and do not require any registration nor premium purchase like other tools. There is no other tool that offers the same kind of service for free. Get LetsView on your phone now and follow the instruction to mirror iPhone to LG TV:

  • Use the download button below to download the app on your PC. On your phone, go to your Playstore and get the app from there.

  • Now connect your PC and your phone under the same Wi-Fi network. Also, prepare your HDMI cable to connect on your TV.
  • Now, launch the app on your phone and PC. Once the name of your PC appears on your phone, tap it and the mirroring will begin.
  • Finally set your TV source to HDMI 1 or 2 and plug the HDMI cable to your TV and PC. This way your phone will be mirrored on your LG TV.

Video TV Cast – Mirror iPhone to LG Smart TV

Video & TV Cast for LG Smart TV is an app specially designed for iPhone and iPad. You can use this software to browse the web and mirror any online video, web movies, live shows etc. from your iPhone to your LG TV. It supports different formats such as MP4, M3U8, HLS live streams. Now let’s take a good look at the following steps on how to mirror iPhone to LG TV.

  1. Search Video & TV Cast for LG Smart TV on your iPhone and then, launch it.
  2. Open your TV and launch “TV cast”. Ensure your iPhone and LG TV are under the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Use your TV’s remote control to open “LG Content Store” and you can find the same TV & Cast on the right side of the screen.
  4. Configure the app on TV by filling the IP address shown on your iPhone.
  5. Click “OK” to connect iPhone to LG.
  6. Select a video you want to mirror on your LG TV, tap the link to cast and then you can simply cast your iPhone videos to LG TV. This app supports all major video websites and countless others.

You can stream high-quality video directly from your iPhone to a big TV screen via the above method. However, please remember that Video & TV Cast for LG Smart TV does not support iTunes movies, DRM protected videos or Flash videos. Also, this app only streams the video part of a website rather than the entire website content.

LG TV Plus – Screen Mirroring iPhone to LG TV

LG TV Plus is a must-have app that you can use to browse and play your smart TV with your iPhone. This app features TV controller, Touch pad, Launcher, Search and other useful functions. This app works with 14 webOS-enabled LG TVs. After setting your TV and mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network, you can use it to mirror iPhone to LG TV, control your TV with iPhone, enjoy photos, music, and videos from your iPhone on a large screen. For any iPhone with iOS 6.1 or later version, you can share iPhone contents on LG TV with this software.


All tools mentioned above are helpful when it comes to mirroring your device to your LG TV. You just need to check which tool will give you more benefit. You can also try them all to make smart choices. If you have suggestions or questions about this article, please leave us a comment below, under the comment section.

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Mirror Ipad To Samsung Tv

Sometimes, an iPhone or iPad screen is not enough to suit our entertaining needs since the screen is too small and sometimes it’s hard to look into details. In this case, the best way for you to do is to mirror iPhone to Sony TV preferably a smart TV. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy watching your gameplay, movies, browsing your social media page without straining your eyes in a small screen. However, connecting an iOS device to a Sony smart TV might be a little bit confusing. And if you are confused, read the rest of this post and learn proper ways to do it.


You might not know but ApowerMirror is a diverse app that can mirror your iPhone or iPad to Sony TV. This tool is now available on Smart TVs so you won’t have to go through a lengthy process in connecting. All you have to do is download the app on your TV and your mobile device and connect both devices under the same network. From there you can mirror it. Also, you can maximize the screenshot tool, screen recording and annotating feature while mirroring. There’s more, this is available on both iOS and Android devices. To find out more about how it works, here is a helpful guide.

  • Download and install the app on both devices.
  • Connect them under the same wireless internet then launch the app on both.
  • On your TV, get the pin appearing on the screen.
  • Now on your phone, click the first icon with the numbers located at the upper right side of the interface. Enter the pin showing on TV to proceed.
  • This time swipe up on your screen and click “Screen Mirroring” and finally, click the name of your PC.



Another great way to mirror iPhone/iPad to Sony TV is by using a free app called LetsView. It is one of the most commonly used apps because it is free. You get to enjoy features available on premium tools like ApowerMirror and apps alike. Because it is compatible with almost all devices, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Even for iOs users, this tool works. You can check out the steps below to know more about it.

  • Download letsView using the button below.
  • Connect your Sony TV and iPhone/iPad under the same Wi-fi network.
  • Get the Pin from your TV.
  • Enter the pin on your phone.
  • Click the first icon from the left at the top right part of the main interface on your phone.
  • Type the pin and tap on “Start Mirroring” to begin mirroring.

WiFi Direct

If you want to connect iPhone to Sony Bravia right away then you better check its built-in WiFi direct function. This function is available in all Sony Bravia smart TV available at the market. Also, this way is convenient to use for there is no need to install additional applications or connect extra gadgets just to mirror your iOS screen. All you need to do is to connect your iOS device to the TV via WiFi Direct, and then you can achieve this. For the detailed steps, simply check the following things out.

  • Open your Sony TV and press the “Home” button, and then choose “Applications” at the bottom of the screen. (Be sure that the needed WiFi stick is inserted into the Smart TV.)
  • Afterwards, look for “WiFi Direct” mode using the up and down buttons.
  • Now from your iOS device, simply search for the WiFi network shown from the list, and tap it to connect.
  • Once the connection is successful, you can immediately see your iPhone screen activities right into your Sony TV.

TV Assist

Screen Mirroring Ipad To Lg Tv Wireless

Another way on how to mirror iPhone to Sony TV is by using TV Assist, a third-party application developed by e2eSoft. This application is capable of projecting pictures, videos, and music from your iOS device directly to your Sony TV screen. If you wish, you can also use it to browse social media pages and view it on a bigger screen. It can play most media files that you have on your iPhone, but you may still experience that some files cannot be played. Make sure that the media file you’re trying to play is supported by Sony TV.

Lg Smart Tv Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring Ipad To Lg Tv

Below are the steps you can follow to mirror your iPhone screen on Sony smart TV.

  • Get and install this program from iTunes or App Store for free.
  • Next, connect your Sony WiFi network stick and enable it.
  • After that, open TV Assist and connect it to your smart TV’s network.
  • When it’s connected, you can start mirroring your phone screen to your Sony TV as you like.


If you need an excellent application to connect iPad to Sony TV and share your media files on a larger TV screen, then iMediaShare is the program that you can rely on. This mobile application is available on App Store and is free of charge. This tool aims to help its users to mirror their iOS screen activities to a Sony Smart TV. By using this tool, you can browse images, watch movie clips, play audio from your iOS device, etc. If you misplaced your remote control, you can also use this app as a substitute to control and adjust the volume, playback, and the likes.

In sharing your Medias on a bigger TV screen, just follow these steps.

  • Insert your Sony TV network dangle and be sure it is turned on.
  • Next, download this application from iTunes and install it.
  • Now, open the program and connect it to the WiFi network of your Smart TV.
  • From here you can choose whether you want to stream photos from your camera roll, watch movies, play music, browse through your FaceBook, and many more.
Screen Mirroring Ipad To Lg Tv


Screen Mirroring Ipad To Lg Tv

Those are the easiest ways of screen mirroring iPad to Sony TV. All of the provided methods above are guaranteed to work, and it’s up to you to choose the one that meets your desires. However, those methods are only for mirroring iOS devices into a smart TV.

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