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This used to work without any problem, until a few months ago. Movies streamed through Plex started to skip, pause and delay, giving me the message the server is not powerful enough to stream the media smoothly. I am not sure why this happened, I thought I would need te reinstall my server. However, after doing so, the issue still remains. And every movie that I select I get a message “The server is not powerful enough to convert video” I have tried every setting posable and still get the message. Since Western Digital shows PLEX running in one of the photos on their advertisements I assumed it would work and was the purpose of buying the drive. The server was not powerful enough to convert the video. For questions and comments about the Plex Media Server. The Plex Media Server is smart software that makes playing Movies, TV Shows and other media on your computer simple. Created Aug 16, 2008.

I’d been doing fine with my WD EX II Ultra on OS3, ignoring the daily emails from it that there was an upgrade available… and I figured yesterday that probably enough time had passed to get a smooth upgrade to OS5 and the latest Plex version.

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Best Low Power Plex Server

Immediately, the series that I was in the middle of no longer works. Almost every video in my library gives a message about the server not being powerful enough to convert video, including the episodes I watched earlier this week. That’s on my iPad app, on the web, my Amazon fire stick… they don’t work on anything.

I’ve tweaked every setting I can find to try to prevent it from trying to transcode video, and toggled half of them trying to find a sweet spot, but nothing seems to work:


  • Internet streaming
    – Video quality maximum
    Play smaller videos at original quality
  • Home Streaming
    Use recommended settings


  • Audio & Subtitles
    Normalise Multi-channel Audio
    Burn Subtitles Only image formats

Disable video stream transcoding


Here’s something that won’t play, which has been transcoded using the same programme as just about everything in my library:


  • Duration 1:51:34
  • Bitrate 6377 kbps
  • Width 720
  • Height 576
  • Aspect Ratio 1.78
  • Video Resolution 576p
  • Container MKV
  • Video Frame Rate PAL
  • Video Profile main


  • Duration 1:51:34

  • File Sweeney Todd (2007).mkv

  • Size 4.97 GB

  • Container MKV

  • Video Profile main

  • Codec MPEG2VIDEO

  • Bitrate 5801 kbps

  • Language English

  • Anamorphic true

  • Bit Depth 8

  • Chroma Location left

  • Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0

  • Coded Height 576

  • Coded Width 720

  • Color Range tv

  • Frame Rate 25 fps

  • Height 576

  • Level 8

  • Pixel Aspect Ratio 64:45

  • Profile main

  • Ref Frames 1

  • Scan Type progressive

  • Width 720

  • Display Title 480p (MPEG2VIDEO)

  • Extended Display Title 480p (MPEG2VIDEO)