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Dear members,
40 minutes left!
The coin will be announced on the Telegram and Discord.
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Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume
Dear members,
Tonight, the peak was over 200%. With a volume over 15 million USD this pump was great! We can conclude that pumps in the weekend are better than pumps that are not in the weekend. Because of the enormous amount of positive feedback through Discord and other channels, we have decided to schedule a new pump.
Details of the next pump:
Exchange: (international)
Date: 20-feb-2021 (Saturday)
Time: 9PM GMT
Next pump will be in the weekend again. Therefore, expect a nice volume!

Signal and Telegram soaring. Apple App Store. The encryption issue makes it difficult to recommend Telegram from a pure security point of view. The lack of default end-to-end encryption “gives. MYC Forex & Commodities Signals (@MYC Signals) When it comes to producing forex signals, MYC. The providers behind such Telegram channels are most likely not afraid of what their subscribers have to say about them, their work, and the quality of both paid and free bitcoin trading signals. By the way, if you want to trade simpler, you can choose a complex - bot and provider.

Dear members,
After the great succes of last pump, we will be pumping another coin next week. The server has reached a total of 260.000 members in a few months. Normally we take breaks of one month between every pump. However, since the group is growing quickly, the market is looking good and there is a lot of demand we decided to schedule a pump next weekend.
Exact details:
Date: 24-April-2021
Time: 9PM GMT
The pump team
Dear members,
In the past 24 hours, around 12,000 new members joined this server. A lot of new members do not know what the exact purpose of this group is. We advise our new members to watch this video:
Furthermore, you can learn a lot from the experiences of other members. for example by watching video's of members trading during the $doge and $dlt pump which were hosted in the past few months. More information about the pump on the 24th of April will follow.
Dear members,
The amount of new members has skyrocketed the past week. The demand for another successful pump is big. Therefore, we are bringing forward the day of the pump. Instead of Saturday (24-04-2021), we will be pumping Wednesday (21-04-2021).
We notice that a lot of new members want to get in on the action but do not understand how pumping exactly works. The basics of a pump: the members of Big pump signal buy up a cryptocurrency (or shares of a lightly traded company), spread rumors which gives the coin exposure, and then sell at a higher price.
Like mentioned in the prior announcements, the most important factor for a successful pump is creating ‘hype’ around the coin. Creating hype is a group effort. Big pump signal has more than 380,000 active members on all the platforms combined. We are all small investors but we can make a huge impact on social media. Read the social-media-guide on Discord for an extensive explanation.
The new date and time for the pump:
Date: 21-April-2021
Time: 9PM GMT
In the past week the server has grown a lot. Therefore, we can expect an insane volume, comparable to the DLT pump a few weeks ago (which gained more than 2500 btc volume in two hours)
Dear members,
4 days left until the next pump.
As could be seen in the prior pump, the most important factor for a successful pump is creating ‘hype’ around the coin. If you are a new member of this server, read the social-media-guide in Discord and watch this educational video:
More information about the coming pump will follow.
Pump & dumps explained - Crypto Jordy
trying to educate you about pump &dumpi dont own the rights.
Dear members,
3 days and 6 hours left until the pump. Wednesday, at 9 PM GMT we will coordinately buy, hype and push up the price of a coin. Read the social-media-guide on Discord for an extended explanation of the strategy.
More information will follow.
Dear members,
The coin we will pump, will be announced in exactly 3 days and 20 minutes.
There is still some ambiguity about the exchange we are using to pump on Wednesday. Therefore, I will clarify which exchange we are using. For this pump we will use We specifically chose for Binance Global because pumping on one exchange is more effective and easier to coordinate. If you are on Binance.US you will not be able to participate. However, everyone is able to create an account on
More information will follow.
Dear members,
2 days, 2 hours and 15 minutes left until the pump.
Like mentioned earlier, the most important factor for a successful pump is creating ‘hype’ around the coin. Creating hype is a group effort. Read the social-media-guide on Discord for an extensive explanation.
Dear members,
1 day, 3 hours and 40 minutes left until the pump.
Checklist for tomorrow's pump:
- Have an account on Binance Global (So not
- At 9 PM GMT have the Discord and Telegram open.
- Have all your social media channels (Twitter, Reddit etc.) open and ready to start the hype.
Dear members,
This is a basic step-by-step-guide for new members:
1. Ten minutes before 9 PM GMT (Tomorrow) have, Discord and Telegram open.
2. At exactly 9PM GMT, there will a message including the name of a coin in the Discord and Telegram.
3. After we announce the coin, buy it with Bitcoin on the spot market.
4. After buying the coin, push out as many social media posts as you can (as fast as you can). Read the social-media-guide on Discord to prepare for tomorrow's pump.
Furthermore, a staff member will NEVER contact/DM you first. Beware of Imposters.

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