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2.2 Live

The current live version of Garden Plan Pro is 2.2, a release mostly focused on addressing a number of underlying bugs, adding improved support for iPhone X+ and an App icon update.

Release Notes


Over the last eight years Garden Plan Pro has helped tens of thousands of people plan their perfect edible garden. It's taught new techniques, advised on when to plant and has become many people's go-to App for all things gardening... but we're not done yet.

You'll notice some big changes over the next few weeks. We're putting the finishing touches on version 2.5, complete with it's redesigned interface, improved editing and support for the very latest iPhones. But one change you may not immediately notice is that Garden Plan Pro has changed ownership. This is an important change, and one that will allow Garden Plan Pro's continued development. While Garden Plan Pro may no-longer be part of's suite of apps you'll still be able to edit and view your GrowVeg plans, and existing customers and users of GrowVeg's excellent online Planner tool will be unaffected.

If you'd like to talk to us about these changes, please reach out; support[email protected]

  • Print Garden Plan Worksheet. Make the most of your gardening space by planting a square foot garden. This planner makes it easy to plan what you’ll plant in each square. If you want to do succession planting, just print a separate copy for each season. Print Square Foot Garden Planner.
  • A well-thought out planner that can be accessed from your computer, Ipad, and smart phone. It’s intuitive (even sends you reminder emails), flexible, and has 200 adorable little garden objects to place into your virtual garden such as greenhouses, drip irrigation, fencing and footpaths.

Free Garden Planner Template

Now you can plan your Square Foot Garden online, quickly and easily, and get maximum results. Step 1: Define the garden beds Click and drag on the design surface to define your garden beds. A typical SFG garden bed is 4X4. You can move garden beds around by dragging them with a mouse.

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Smart Garden Planner

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