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Working with multiple files can be a pain for someone who needs to keep up with the files at all times. Whether you are someone who writes software code, a teacher who needs to keep up with the files, a student making their notes, or even better – a writer, Easy File Renamer can be a lifesaver for you.

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Product Spotlight:Use Sorcim’s Easy Files Renamer to rename parts of filenames in your computer.

If you want to add a large number of files that are situated in quick succession, select multiple files at once by dragging the mouse pointer and then click the Open button. If you want to get all the files renamed inside a folder, select the All Files from a Folder radio box. Feb 02, 2021 Right-click the file and select the Rename option from the context menu. Or you can click the file once and slowly click the name again to trigger the rename action. File Renamer Basic. File Renamer Basic is a simple yet powerful program to rename files, folders. File Renamer makes it easy to rename large number of files in in a few clicks. Have a large picture library and wished files were called something more descriptive than DSCsomething.jpg? File Renamer gets the job done without wasting hours. File Renamer values your privacy and does not send any data on. Rename Master is a free software designed to rename multiple files with a just few clicks. When you work with websites, file archives, or collections of music, videos, or pictures have probably spent way too much time renaming hundreds of files.

EFR follows Google Software Principles. It will not ask you to provide email address to download the software.

Program rename multiple files

We know that it can be troublesome to manually rename filenames and keep up with the consistency – while there are ample chances of human error. If you are someone falling under the same umbrella and have a lot on your plate, but you are spending a lot of time on changing files names, then this one’s for you.

Today we will tell you how you can retain a part of your filename, whether they are letters, numerals, or characters, while you can change your chosen parts in a jiffy without spending a lot of time on it.

Let’s begin with how you can make your life easier by using Easy File Renamer.

What is Easy File Renamer?

Easy File Renamer is a software app that allows you to rename multiple files at once, with the help of 12 renaming rules. To begin renaming your files altogether, you can download the software from its official website.

Rename Part of Filenames in Multiple Files

Easy File Renamer allows you loads of scenarios to rename files. Today, we will walk you through the process of renaming part of the file names for multiple files. While you might think it sounds unrealistic, EFR does this job with great speed and accuracy. Keep reading to discover the step by step method on renaming parts of multiple files.

Use Easy File Renamer to Rename Part of Filenames

The digital age is progressing with every passing minute, leaving no reason to hold on to the old fashioned ways that not only wasted time doing things manually, but also made you feel unproductive. Now you can do the same job by using Easy File Renamer that will not take more than a few seconds for you to rename your files. The application is very easy to use, and you will love it. The application is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Step 1: Download and Install the Software

The first step to start working on the application is to download it from its website. Once downloaded, install the software and move on to the next step of the solution.

Step 2: Launch the software

Once you have launched the app, it is time to select a suitable option from the following tabs:

    • System Renamer
    • Cloud Renamer
  • Music Fixer

Step 3: Select the Files You Need to Rename

Click the Add Files button (for System Renamer tab), or MP3 Files button (for the Music Fixer tab).

On the left-hand side will be the Select Rule drop-down menu that allows you to choose renaming rules. Click it, and select a renaming rule of your choice.

Easy File Renamer provides the following renaming rules to choose from:

    • New Name: add a new name for the file
    • Remove Text: remove letters, texts, and numerals from the filename
    • Replace Text: remove the first, last or middle letters from the filename
    • Trim Text: trim the file name by characters specified
    • Suffix: add text as a suffix to the file name
    • Prefix: add text as a prefix to the filename
    • Numbering: add numbering in ascending order sequence (separated by a hyphen or an underscore) at the beginning or the end of the filename
    • Insert: add text at specific positions of the file name
    • Lowercase: change the file name to lowercase letters
    • Uppercase: change the file name to uppercase letters
    • Title Case: use the title case for the filename
  • Swap Case: choose a separator and swap the text on either side of the filename

You can select one or more rules mentioned above. You will have to select an option, and type some text (depending on the rule you chose), and click the Add Rule button to finalize this rule for the renaming operation. You can select multiple renaming rules similarly.

To check the preview of the filename according to the renaming rule(s) you have selected, take a look at the New Name column.

If you want to change the way a rule is being applied, click the red cross in front of that rule in the Applied Rules section and apply that rule from scratch.

Step 4: Rename the Files

Rename Multiple Files Ps

You will now get the option to rename the files. To apply all the changes, click the Rename button on the far-left end of the footer.

Rename Multiple Pdf Files Software

If you are looking to delete a single letter, word, character, or number from several files combined and want to add more letters, numbers, or characters at the end of each document; you can resort to this exceptional software. Whereas the thought of having a new program interface may not appear convenient to you, give it a try, and you will know why everyone loves it. It is customizable, easy to use, and works like a charm. What more could you possibly ask for? Download Easy File Renamer now!