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  • (google map) I have Sony A6400 with 16-55mm kit lens and 1 extra battery. Shutter count is at 6510.
  • This A6400 offers the best autofocus performance of any Sony APS-C camera, adds more features to the old A6300, and now sells for less than the A6300. You can pay more for the A6500, but the only thing the A6500 does that the A6400 can't is in-body sensor-shift stabilization.

Mirrorless cameras are all the rage these days. While it started with Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji, Canon and Nikon finally joined the game in late 2018. But with its popularity, there is still some confusion about the bones of a mirrorless camera. Namely, whether or not things like shutter count actually matters on mirrorless.


  • Use the [Silent Shooting] function on your own responsibility, while taking sufficient consideration to the privacy and portrait rights of the subject.
  • Even if [Silent Shooting] is set to [On], it will not be completely silent.
  • Even if [Silent Shooting] is set to [On], the operating sound of the aperture and focus will sound.
  • When shooting still images using the [Silent Shooting] function with low ISO sensitivity, if you point the camera at a very bright light source, high intensity areas on the monitor may be recorded in darker tones.
  • When the power is turned off, the shutter sound may beep in rare occasions. This is not a malfunction.
  • Image distortion caused by the movement of the subject or the camera may occur.
  • If you shoot images under instantaneous lightning or flickering lights, such as the flash light from other cameras or fluorescent lighting, a striping effect may occur on the image.
  • If you want to turn off the beep that sounds when the subject is in focus or the self-timer operates, set [Audio signals] to [Off].
  • Even if [Silent Shooting] is set to [On], you may hear the shutter sound under the following circumstances:
    • When you capture a standard white color for the custom white balance
    • When you register faces using [Face Registration]
  • You cannot select [Silent Shooting] when the mode dial is set to other than P/A/S/M.
  • When [Silent Shooting] is set to [On], the following functions are not available:
    • Flash shooting
    • Auto HDR
    • Picture Effect
    • Picture Profile
    • Long Exposure NR
    • e-Front Curtain Shutter
    • Superior Auto Img. Extract.
    • BULB shooting
    • Multi Frame NR
  • After you turn the camera on, the time in which you can start recording is extended by approximately 0.5 seconds.
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How to Know The Number of Shots a DSLR Camera Has Taken? Establish the value of a used camera. You want to purchase a used Canon Camera? check first the shutter count to establish its value

What is the Maximum Shutter Count Rating for My Camera?

Sony A6400 Shutter Count

It vary widely by model. Obviously, canon’s professional models last much longer than entry-level model. 5D Mark II 's shutter assures trouble-free operation over its 150,000-cycle.

Canon 450D (Canon EOS Rebel XSi) 's shutter life is about 50,000 actuations. But it's not an exact match, it can failed at 25.000 or continue to working great after 100.000 actuations. It's just an average.

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Is my camera compatible with Free Shutter Count

Free Shutter Count works with any Canon DSLR camera, but some models might be incompatible due to firmware restrictions.

Free Shutter count is not dependant of the numbering system of your sdcard. Free Shutter count try to reveal the real shutter actuation number stored in the firmware of your camera. If you notice that Free Shutter Count is incompatible with your camera, please contact us and help us improve compatibility.

Sony A6400 Shutter Count Check

Compatible Models

Sony A6400 Shutter Count Chart

  • 1D C, 1D X, 1D MARK III, 1D Mark IV, 7D Mark II, 7D, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, 6D, 70D, 60D, 50D, 40D, 700D (Rebel T5i), 650D (Rebel T4i), 600D (Rebel T3i), 550D (Rebel T2i), 500D (Rebel T1i), 450D (Rebel XSi), 100D (Rebel SL1), 1300D (Rebel T6), 1200D (Rebel T5), 1100D (Rebel T3), 1000D (Rebel XS)...

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