Tbb Cmake

Select the MSVC runtime library for use by compilers targeting the MSVC ABI.This variable is used to initialize the MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARYproperty on all targets as they are created. It is also propagated bycalls to the try_compile() command into the test project.


Tbb Cmake Example

The allowed values are:


I just updated to the latest TBB source release and started using the new CMake support files, primarily calling tbbbuild to build the library. Initially, however, I found dismal performance and completely serialized behaviour was the result. After hacking around I managed to turn on make's verbo.

  • #. TBBROOTDIR - The base directory the of TBB installation. #. TBBINCLUDEDIR - The directory that contains the TBB headers files. #. TBBLIBRARY - The directory that contains the TBB library files. #. TBBLIBRARY - The path of the TBB the corresponding TBB library. # These libraries, if specified, override the.
  • First of all, you need to have TBB installed. You can get it at /. When you build OpenCV with cmake, include the option WITHTBB=ON.

Compile with -MT or equivalent flag(s) to use a multi-threadedstatically-linked runtime library.


Compile with -MD or equivalent flag(s) to use a multi-threadeddynamically-linked runtime library.


Tbb Cmake Check


Compile with -MTd or equivalent flag(s) to use a multi-threadedstatically-linked runtime library.


Compile with -MDd or equivalent flag(s) to use a multi-threadeddynamically-linked runtime library.

The value is ignored on non-MSVC compilers but an unsupported value willbe rejected as an error when using a compiler targeting the MSVC ABI.

The value may also be the empty string (') in which case no runtimelibrary selection flag will be added explicitly by CMake. Note that withVisual Studio Generators the native build system may choose toadd its own default runtime library selection flag.

Use generatorexpressions tosupport per-configuration specification. For example, the code:

selects for all following targets a multi-threaded statically-linked runtimelibrary with or without debug information depending on the configuration.

If this variable is not set then the MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY targetproperty will not be set automatically. If that property is not set thenCMake uses the default value MultiThreaded$<$<CONFIG:Debug>:Debug>DLLto select a MSVC runtime library.


This variable has effect only when policy CMP0091 is set to NEWprior to the first project() or enable_language() commandthat enables a language using a compiler targeting the MSVC ABI.

Building OpenCV 3.1 with TBB 4.4 results in link failure, TBB libraries not found.CMake is using tbbintel_64 as lib path.Lib files are located in tbbintel_64_win

Build environment: VS 2015 x64TBB ver: 4.4

Have updated cmake files been created to correct the problem?

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On windows there is two flags in cmake for TBB : WITH_TBB and BUILD_TBB. If you 've got only lib use WITH_TBB

Make use of the CMAKE graphical user interface, select the WITH_TBB option, then in your second configure run, make sure you adapt the TBB library path, where he is looking for the installation.

Tbb Cmake 2

1) I am using CMAKE graphical user interface

2) TBB was installed from Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update2 downloaded 4/9/2016

3) Prior to starting cmake-gui, tbbvars.bat is run and produces the following environment variables:TBBROOT=I:OpenCVdepstbbbin..TBB_ARCH_PLATFORM=intel64vc14TBB_BIN_DIR=I:OpenCVdepstbbbinTBB_TARGET_ARCH=intel64TBB_TARGET_VS=vc14

Cmake Tbb_root

4) After running configure the second time in CMAKE, CMAKE reports:TBB_LIB_DIR: I:/OpenCV/deps/tbb/lib/intel64/vc14, that directory is empty, the correct location is: I:/OpenCV/deps/tbb/lib/intel64_win/vc14

That's why I asked if the CMAKE list files had been updated to correct the problem.

You can change path name in cmake and if it works you can ask here