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Handle your inbox more efficiently with TickTick for Gmail. Trusted by tens of millions of global users, recommended by The Verge as “great” and Wirecutter (A New York Times Company) as “the best” to-do list app, TickTick helps you stay organized and achieve more with your Gmail. TickTick is a fast-growing to-do list app that offers a wide array of features on just about every platform you can imagine. Adding tasks is quick thanks to natural language processing. Adding tasks is quick thanks to natural language processing.

TickTick is een simpele en krachtige todo-lijst app, die u helpt meer dingen gedaan te krijgen en uw taken synct via de cloud. De app is cross-platform en zowel beschikbaar voor Android (inclusief UI voor tablets) als iOS, als Chrome Extensie en op het web. Met TickTick bij de hand, kunt u uw leven gemakkelijker organiseren. ★ De belangrijkste eigenschappen van TickTick: Sync taken tussen al. If your task change does appear in TickTick for Web, add a new task from TickTick for Web and see if it shows up on your other TickTick apps (Windows, iOS or Android). If the task change doesn’t appear on one of your apps, it means it’s failing to sync. Join millions of people to capture ideas, organize to-dos, and make the most of your life with TickTick. Available for free, syncs across iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web and more. Sign in - TickTick Join millions of people to capture ideas, organize to-dos, and make the most of your life with TickTick.

The long waited “Kanban” feature has been released and is now available on Windows, Mac and the Web. This new Kanban not only offers users the ability to customize a different workflow in TickTick, it’s also flexible enough for many other needs. If you’ve never used any Kanban board apps before, you might want to read through this article we prepared as it might give you a clue on how to work with the new Kanban.

3Build a new structure

Switch to Kanban view

Firstly, you will need to go to a list that you created in TickTick (Default smart lists such as “Today” cannot be switched into Kanban view), click the “…” button at the top right corner of the list and select to switch to “Kanban View”.

Your list will then become a Kanban board while all the tasks are automatically organized into two columns named: To Do, Progress.

Mark Task Status

That’s right. If you ever wanted to be able to mark/differentiate tasks by the different statuses of them, the new “Kanban” would be helpful.

When first switching to the Kanban view, TickTick will ask if you want to move the tasks that you’ve started (Based on the info of the task progress bar) to the “Progress” column. The other tasks will be moved to the first “To Do” column. You can also add new columns at any time as required.

For instance, if you want to manage a release of an application with the Kanban view. You may create a series of new columns named: Documenting, Designing, Finished design, Developing, Testing, Public Beta, Ready to release.

AppTicktick to do list

If you want to have the new column to be added and be placed in the middle of two existing columns, simply click the “…” button at the top right corner of one of the existing columns, then select to add a new column to its left or to its right.

In addition, you can use drag n’ drop to adjust the column order or change a task’s status quickly by drag it to a new column.

Build a new structure

Write down tasks, create lists for tasks, then create folders for lists - it seemed to be the most common way of getting things organized in TickTick. Now, with the Kanban view, you may do it differently. The Kanban view offers a simple, open-ended way of structuring and checking your tasks. You can use it as you like and organize tasks into columns in the way that they make sense to you.

For instance, you can use the columns as a second-level management tool. Let’s say it’s an event planning task that you are going to accomplish. Instead of creating many lists for different departments, you can rename the columns under one list with the Kanban view and keep/check everything in one place.

Above are some of the most common use cases we’ve found so far. If you have any other great ideas of how to use the new Kanban view, please feel free to let us know!

Web App Fifa 18

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