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Tidal And Plex
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Tidal And Plexus

To everyone who decided to try out Tidal and wants to cancel before they are charged:

Tidal Plex Lifetime


Tidal Music Cost

I wrestled for days with Tidal customer service before finally receiving an answer on how to cancel the Tidal subscription. Believe it or not, if you have PLEX + TIDAL you are only able to cancel your TIDAL subscription in PLEX - not on the Tidal Website or by calling or emailing TIDAL customer service. Whatever agreement the two companies have in place must require the TIDAL account to be cancelled in the PLEX web app.

Tidal And Plex Plus

Apr 01, 2021 What Is Plex Tidal After reaching an agreement to integrate Tidal and Plex, users can now access Tidal via Plex using either of the two available Plex Tidal services; Plex & Tidal Premium bundles ($9.99 per month) or Plex & Tidal HiFi bundles ($19.99 per month). While Plex has been serviceable for me during that time, I suffered all sorts of random performance issues where libraries were slow to load, recommended tabs would randomly time out or take 30-45 seconds to load, going into tv shows would take 5+ seconds or more to show episode thumbnails, movie collections would take forever to open and Plex.

Tidal And Plex Pass

Navigate to “Plex Web>Settings>Accounts>Subscriptions” Scroll down to “Add-Ons & Bundles,” to the Tidal Subscription and click “Cancel” and then “Confirm Cancellation”