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Of course, syncs can also be initiated from Plex Web App. Remember that the sync is created for the Plex user you’re using when initiating the sync. If you’ve switched to a Managed User in your iOS app but you initiate a sync to that iOS device from Plex Web App while signed in as your admin account there, the sync will be under the. Nov 20, 2019 Once you have a TIDAL subscription linked to your Plex account, you’ll be able to access your TIDAL content in supported Plex apps whenever you want. For users with their own music in Plex, you can enjoy the power of TIDAL added to your very own library. Related artists, tracks, and videos are shown alongside your own content.

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Hi all!

Tidal And Plexiglass

So I’ve finally made the jump and got subscribed to Tidal through Plex. I’m running through the 30 day trial and Plex tells me the service is linked. But all songs are preview, I can’t access ‘My Tidal’ or ‘My Tidal Playlists’ which both give me a generic error message “There was an unexpected error loading this library”.
I’ve tried to re-authorize Tidal to Plex which states it succeeded but still gives me the same issues, unlinking also doesn’t work. I’ve tried to repair my installation of PMS, even uninstalling it, but nothing seems to work…

I’m really out of ideas, does anyone else know of a possible solution?
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