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Create a new PHP project folder and call it file-upload-download. Create a subfolder inside this folder called uploads (this is where our uploaded files will be stored), and a file called index.php. Index.php is where we will create our file upload form. Open it and put this code inside it. I don't know the codes in how to upload the PDF file in PHP. Can I have a sample codes for it with a modified upload size? Any help is appreciated. Is it possible to save it to database and can del. The HTML simply creates the upload form. The PHP code shown below is what actually adds functionality to the upload form so that it actually performs an upload. There are 2 PHP blocks of code to make this video upload work. The first and the biggest block is shown below.

Be sure you exit the game before uploading!

Select your SavedVariables/CensusPlus.lua file from within the WTF directory.
You should be able to find it where ever you installed World of Warcraft.
Default Windows XP Location: C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftWTFAccount%account%SavedVariablesCensusPlus.lua,
where XXXX is theaccount that the directory is named after. After you select the file, it will upload the file and parse out the Census variables and add them to the site's database.

If you are playing on Windows Vista -> Windows 10, then by default it will be in
C:Users%username%AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesWorld of WarcraftWTFAccount%account%SavedVariablesCensusPlus.lua
C:UsersPublicGamesWorld of WarcraftWorld of WarcraftWTFAccount%account%SavedVariablesCensusPlus.lua


CensusPlus data submitted with version 8.0.5 ofCensusPlus will be accepted.
Data submitted from versions as old as 8.0.0 ofCensusPlus will be accepted only during a short grace period.

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Be patient when submitting a file as it takes a few seconds for the transfer to take place.

Uploads also support the UniUpload application by Matt. It is a small application that can upload your CensusPlus.lua information to WarcraftRealms without any user interaction from you (other than setting the application up and running it). You can get the application here:

There are only a couple of things you have to do to make it work. On the Settings tab, set the URL to http://www.warcraftrealms.com/uniupload.php .

There are some optional settings you can set as well that I will post more about soon. Remember, we did not develop this application and hence can offer no support. I would direct you to the website posted here for support.

Server-side file upload can be easily implemented using PHP. There are various ways available to upload image to server and display images on the webpage. Generally, in a dynamic web application, the uploaded image is stored in a directory of the server and the file name is inserted in the database. Later, the images are retrieved from the server based on the file name stored in the database and display on the web page.

The image can be uploaded directly to the database without storing on the server. But it will increase the database size and web page load time. So, it’s always a good idea to upload images to the server and store file names in the database. In this tutorial, we will show you the entire process to upload and store the image file in MySQL database using PHP.

The example code demonstrates the process to implement the file upload functionality in the web application and the following functionality will be implemented.

  • HTML form to upload image.
  • Upload image to server using PHP.
  • Store file name in the database using PHP and MySQL.
  • Retrieve images from the database and display in the web page.

Create Datbase Table

To store the image file name a table need to be created in the database. The following SQL creates an images table with some basic fields in the MySQL database.

Database Configuration (dbConfig.php)

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The dbConfig.php file is used to connect and select the MySQL database. Specify the database hostname ($dbHost), username ($dbUsername), password ($dbPassword), and name ($dbName) as per your MySQL credentials.

Upload Form HTML

Upload Php Script

Create an HTML form to allow the user to choose a file they want to upload. Make sure <form> tag contains the following attributes.

  • method='post'
  • enctype='multipart/form-data'

Also, make sure <input> tag contains type='file' attribute.

The file upload form will be submitted to the upload.php file to upload image to the server.

Upload File to Server and Store in Database (upload.php)


The upload.php file handles the image upload functionality and shows the status message to the user.

  • Include the database configuration file to connect and select the MySQL database.
  • Get the file extension using pathinfo() function in PHP and validate the file format to check whether the user selects an image file.
  • Upload image to server using move_uploaded_file() function in PHP.
  • Insert image file name in the MySQL database using PHP.
  • Upload status will be shown to the user.

Display Images from Database

Now we will retrieve the uploaded images from the server based on the file names in the database and display images in the web page.

  • Include the database configuration file.
  • Fetch images from MySQL database using PHP.
  • List images from the uploads directory of the server.

Create Dynamic Image Gallery with jQuery, PHP & MySQL

Upload Photo


Here we have shown the most effective way to implement image upload functionality on the website. You can easily extend the file upload functionality as per your requirements. For providing the better user-interface you can integrate the Ajax File Upload functionality.

Upload multiple images using jQuery, Ajax and PHP

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