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Many people tend to consider Plex and Emby as Kodi alternatives for the software shares some similar functions like media streaming. Yet, in effect, they serve for quite different purposes. Kodi is a media player to play your local media files primarily (the Internet is not needed). Plex and Emby, on the other hand, are client-server media players to stream videos, music, photos to your client devices both locally and remotely (the Internet is required). BTW, Emby was developed from Plex when Plex decided to go closed-source.

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The two software is now commonly used to build one’s personal media library. You might argue what’s the point of creating a media library when the likes of Netflix, HBO, and Hulu are available for convenient media streaming. Well, put emphasis on the word “personal”. That means you can curate any content you like, say, the rare old songs, 4K movies, family photos, and anything you cannot get from the online streaming services, to your media database. And you own them forever with free access to the content anytime, anywhere. It’s a bit like DIY your own version of Netflix. With media server software like Emby and Plex, one can have a much more colorful audiovisual experience.

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Vbox Plex Free

Plex is an all-encompassing media manager and might be the last streaming app you’ll need. It is also a great tool for storing home videos, photos, and other personal items without taking up space on each specific device. Plex gives you an easy way to access all of your stored media no matter your location. It is an Intel Atom SoC machine, but it can do VMs which is aVMOS is an APP software based on Virtual Machine. I have Plex running on it along with Couch Potato, Sonarr, NZBget, Deluge, Crash Plan, Calibre, Teamspeak and more. 0 Sep 24, 2009 One machine was a SageTV server running Vista, the other runs UNraid as a storage server. The VBox TV Gateway is a revolutionary device that sits on your home network and streams your favorite TV channels to your connected devices. Simply plug your Satellite, Antenna/Terrestrial or Cable TV feeds directly to the VBox to watch and record Local digital broadcast TV in.