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If you're tired of having to use your sluggish Vodafone TV Box, why not just watch it on your favourite device using VLC or even feed it into Tvheadend or Plex?

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Using two routers, one from the internet provider and one for WiFi, causes a double-nat situation, so you can't remotely access your media. Just need to do s. Vodafone tv Standby boostinu13. As with Plex and Disney, Vodafone is always looking to add more apps.

Some Background

Ever since the day that I moved to Barcelona, I was fascinated by the NEBA approach that Spain has taken to bring fibre (or Fibra as it's called here) to the masses. It's based on GPON, but allows for network infrastructure sharing between operators, in my case delivering a Vodafone Fibra service via Movistar's cables. This also means that the TV signal is delivered to your home via UDP Multicast. In the case of NEBA, this is actually on the same VLAN, but without the PPoE session.

Vodafone Tv Plex Free

This article lists Internet television providers – broadcasters of Internet television using digital distribution – by region and by country. Internet TV is typically transmitted wirelessly, or through hard-wired devices, via an over-the-top programming platform to enabled SmartTVs, set-top-boxes, personal computers, smartphones, tablet computers, and digital media receivers such as. Equipment set-up is as follows: Sony KD-55AG8 TV, connected to home network via wi-fi. (It would be easy for me to run a LAN cable from router to TV if necessary). Vodafone 500Mbps Gigafast broadband with Vodafone router. QNAP TS-453A NAS 2x3TB RAID 1 connected to router. The Sony TV accesses.

Discovering Multicast IP Addresses

So, how do you know what the Multicast addresses are? Well, in Vodafone TV's settings, you can find it!

Don't want to spend an hour or two going through all channels, one by one? If you are using Vodafone through NEBA / indirect, you can find a list of all channels below.

Vodafone Spain NEBA IPTV Channels

So, after tediously going through channels one-by-one, I was able to collect the following list, formatted as a M3U file.

You can also find it posted on my Github Gist where you can download the file directly.

Vodafone Tv Senderliste Pdf

You can also find a list of updated multicast addresses for Movistar here: Lista actualizada de canales para VLC

Vodafone Tv Plex Online


If you use Vodafone's provided router, you can skip this step. If you are like me however and are using your own router, you may want to enable udpxy on it, which 'reads data streams from a multicast groups and forwards the data to the requesting clients (subscribers)'.


If you're using Tomato Firmware, you can find it at the bottom of the Advanced > Firewall page.

Once enabled, take note of the port set above. In my case, that's 4022.

You will have to update your M3U playlist entries to the following:

Next steps

At this point, you should be able to watch the non-scrambled TV channels without any issue in VLC.

Vodafone Tv Package New Zealand

You can also use this approach to then load all the TV channels into a Tvheadend or Plex server and distribute it from there, together with EPG data.

Let me know how this works out for you!

Vodafone Tv Set Up Box

This article has been updated with feedback from Kaltura.

Synamedia has secured one of its largest contracts since spinning out of Cisco, with Vodafone choosing the Infinite platform for every market where the telco offers a television service, starting in Germany.
Vodafone will now be using Synamedia solutions, including Infinite architecture, security software, and integration services. In today's official announcement, the vendor called the deal a milestone multi-year global contract.
'Using Synamedia’s Infinite video platform, market-leading security solutions, and end-to-end integration service expertise, Vodafone Group will have a unified cloud TV platform running on Gigabit infrastructure in every country where it offers a TV service,' the company said.
Synamedia is also responsible for integrating the Unitymedia cable TV platform with the Vodafone GigaTV flagship offering in Germany. As it highlighted on its earnings call in February 2020, Vodafone wants to upgrade the Unitymedia Horizon set top boxes to avoid an expensive swap-out in what is Vodafone Group’s largest TV market (the GigaTV platform was co-developed by Synamedia and Vodafone).
Vodafone currently provides TV services in 7 countries and they will all be unified under one cloud TV platform running on Gigabit infrastructure.
Vodafone reported a total of 22 million television customers in Europe at the end of its latest quarter.
Vodafone TV was widely powered by the Kaltura TV Platform, so where does this leave the telco’s long-running cloud TV partner? The two companies could be seen at the last few IBCs publically discussing their plans on how they want to advance the Vodafone TV offer together, including things like personalistion and AI for better analytics. CSI has reached out to Kaltura and Vodafone to gauge the status of those deployments outside of Germany.
Interestingly, at the start of the year, Nuno Sanches, most recently Vodafone’s Global Head of Fixed Product Development, where he created Vodafone Group’s TV Product & Development organisation from scratch and led the global strategy and product development of Vodafone TV, left the telco to lead the vendor’s video technology company’s Media and Telecom Business Unit as General Manager.
Tanja Richter, Technology Director Consumer Product and Services Vodafone Group, said, “Synamedia was the ideal choice to help us with this uniquely complex migration project in Germany, as well as our strategic global transformation. Their technology, end-to-end integration skills and security solutions will help Vodafone effect a smooth transition to a unified Gigabit-ready cloud TV platform.”
A Kaltura spokesperson told CSI: “Kaltura continues to expand its Cloud TV platform in the Vodafone footprint, with seven markets already launched and several others in the process of launching. Vodafone’s solution brings together several best-of-breed technology providers, and we welcome and are actively supporting the introduction of Synamedia to this ecosystem as a security and STB software technology provider. Kaltura and Synamedia solutions in the Vodafone TV context are completely complementary.”