Workflowy Ios

Ask WorkFlowy users what new features they want, and reminders is usually near the top of the list. With iOS 9, Siri gets some new functionality that makes creating WorkFlowy reminders a snap.

I love workflowy. One problem I've yet to solve with workflowy (and almost every other task program I've tried) is how to produce an editable list of tasks containing both the contents of a list and the contents of a tag. Example1: I have a list called Today in which I plan the things I'll do today. I also tag tasks elsewhere with '#Today' to indicate I also want to do them today. Workflowy is a text based to do list that focuses on using bullet points to mimic naturally occurring thought patterns, much like a mind map. Mac, Android, iOS. Timebound – 用倒计时显示并提醒 todo 任务iOS/Android Android iOS iPhone 2019/01/03 2 (1票). WorkFlowy 发布新功能 WorkFlowy Mirror,可镜像. ‍ Yes - There is a mobile app for iOS and Android What if I have other questions? ‍ You can ask us at [email protected] Over 3 million people have already discovered Workflowy.

Workflowy Ios

To use this tip you need to view WorkFlowy in iOS Safari and not the app. In iOS, there are lots of good reasons to use Safari for WorkFlowy (alongside the app), but that is a future blog post.

Workflowy Ios 9

Here are the intricate instructions:

Workflowy ios 使い方
  • In Safari, zoom on the WorkFlowy bullet you want to be reminded about.
  • Tell Siri: “Remind me about this tomorrow 9 am”
  • When the reminder sounds, simply tap the Safari icon to jump to the WorkFlowy bullet.

Pretty awesome.